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Version: 1.1
Date: 29/04/2011
Size: 5.3MB

You've always known that you could reach incredible heights, defeat your enemies and be at the top of the world, so you're got going to let the fact that your a spider hold you back. In the newest in arcade games, Web Swinger will take you to another world, where you become the mightiest of insects, the spider. Tackle your numerous insect enemies as you battle against time on your quest to the bottom of the barn. Click on the down or up arrow to move the spider down or up the web and drag your finger on the screen to swing the spider. If the spider loses all it's lives or runs out of time it will lose. With 20 different levels of unbelievable fun, it is up to you to make your mark and defeat your enemies. Being an insect was never this fun.